Piano Lessons

There’s no one-size-fits-all piano lesson. In fact, one of my favorite things about private lessons is the individualized instruction I am able to provide each and every student.

No matter the age or ability level of the student, the end goal is musical literacy. My mission as teacher is not to train students to copy what I do, but rather to equip them with the tools to read any music that is ever placed in front of them. My teaching is grounded in students having a thorough understanding of what is on the page so that they can be self-sufficient musicians, even after their lesson-taking years are complete. My teaching is primarily in the classical style, though I expose my students to elements of pop and jazz along the way. I have learned in my own career that being a well-rounded musician is vitally important in today’s musical landscape.

I currently teach through two different music training programs — All Saints Conservatory of Music in Winter Park and Saint Andrew’s Conservatory of Music in Sanford. Though I am happy to discuss lessons with you directly, scheduling must ultimately be completed by registering through either All Saints or Saint Andrew’s. Make sure to request me when you register, and indicate if we have previously spoken about a specific day/time.


Lessons in Sanford/Lake Mary area: Saint Andrew’s Conservatory of Music

For information about policies, tuition rates, and to register, click here.


Lessons in Winter Park: All Saints Conservatory of Music

Web link coming soon! For now, send me a message through my contact form with interest.